Adolescence can be a time of huge change and emotional flux. As well as neurological and hormonal changes, many teenagers face struggles with extra pressure of peers, pressures at school, changing family circumstances, and emotional turmoil. They can feel isolated and alone in this and can be reluctant to talk to parents (as part of the developmental stage of beginning to separate).

As ‘neutral’ adults we help teenagers to voice and understand their feelings, get to know themselves better (better understanding of themselves), and help them find healthier and more self-supportive ways of managing.

I hate that moment when my
anger suddenly turns into tears.

Mind First

Adopted, Fostered Children & Teens

Mind First recognises the variant levels of support needed when addressing children and teenagers who are adopted or looked after. At Mind First we have expertise working with children and teenagers who have insecure attachment patterns which affect their current ways of relating. 

Children and Teenagers may present as overwhelmed with emotions, alternative between anger and neediness, or as defensive and not needing any help, difficult to reach emotionally. 

They may have difficulty with: 

 Making peer relationships
 Expressing their needs
 Empathy and understanding others
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