Social Services

Supporting Foster Carers and parents of adopted children.

At Mind First we recognise that being an adoptive parent or a foster carer can be extremely rewarding. As with all parenting, it can also feel challenging and confusing.  At times your child’s behaviour may seem overwhelming, at Mind First we offer an opportunity for you to work through your emotions and the impact that your child’s behaviour has on you. This would be a separate space simply about supporting you.

Mind First currently undertakes referrals from schools for one to one work with: 

 Teachers and School Staff

For supervision work with school staff Mind First works in schools offering workshops and presentations on:

 Attachment and school as a “secure base”
 Loss, transitions and separation
 Working with challenging behaviour

Our workshops include comprehensive strategies for teachers and support staff to apply within the classroom and school environment. Mind First visit schools in order to identify the unique requirements and devise a programme that meets your schools unique requirements.

I fell for you and you didn't catch me.

Mind First

Adopted, Fostered children & Teens.

Mind First recognises the variant levels of support needed when addressing children and teenagers who are adopted or looked after. At Mind First we have expertise working with children and teenagers who have insecure attachment patterns which affect their current ways of relating. 

Children and Teenagers may present as overwhelmed with emotions, alternative between anger and neediness, or present as defensive and not needing any help, difficult to reach emotionally.

They may have difficulty with: 

 Making peer relationships
 Expressing their needs
 Empathy and understanding others
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