Children & Parental Support

Young children cannot always verbalise their worries, which may leave them feeling frustrated, angry, and misunderstood. Our one-to-one sessions take place in a playroom, where we incorporate play and creative materials in our work. Play is the natural way in which children share their inner-world; thus, it is through the play that we can help them to express feelings and worries comfortably. When children express and understand their feelings, they can let go of unhelpful behaviour and grow in confidence.

Parents refer their children with concerns such as: 

 Changes in family circumstances
 Conflict and friendship difficulties
 Loss and bereavement 
 Behavioural concerns such as anger, withdrawal, hyperactivity, and overly pleasing behaviours.

We meet regularly with parents to provide feedback and insights, and to think together about the child within a collaborative and supportive environment.

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Parental Support

Parenting can be immensely rewarding. However, in today’s hectic world it can, at times,  feel challenging and exhausting; whatever we try with our children and teens doesn’t seem to work. Our parenting work provides a non-critical and reflective space where you can feel supported in understanding and helping your child. Recognising that each family is unique, we think together with you about the individual circumstances of your family, as well as exploring attachment relationships and communication within your family. When you are supported you’re better able to work as a parent and we can work together in terms of communication with the family, managing and resolving conflict. Change in families is possible when we have an awareness of family dynamics. 

Parenting work can be supportive in: 

 Dealing with stressful circumstances such as separation and divorce 
 Managing boundaries and conflicts
 Dealing with behavioural issues
 Helping you to manage and understand your child’s emotions
 Providing space to reflect

Being a parent can be demanding and often we forget that we need support ourselves. When you feel supported, you have more resources to manage the challenges of being a parent. As parents we are often so overwhelmed with managing our children’s behaviour and emotions that we have little time to think about ourselves. We recognise that the first important step is to support you - when we feel supported we are more resourceful and creative in managing the important job of being a parent. Through the work, we celebrate what is working well and support you in communicating about, dealing with and resolving conflict. Change is possible through awareness about our own experiences of being parented.
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