At times in our lives we feel unable to cope and manage with day to day living.  Often we will try to cope with our difficulties on our own. Talking to an experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist within a therapeutic environment is an important step to getting our lives back on track.

Mind First offer a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space in which you can explore personal difficulties. Mind First use a range of therapeutic interventions to work to the client’s agenda. Mind First work not only with the spoken language but use creative communication techniques to develop a deeper opportunity to explore your world and achieve a greater understanding of the difficulties and problems you are facing.

Greater awareness and understanding leads to the potential to change, Mind First would support you in making positive changes to move towards a life that feels more satisfying and self-fulfilling. Mind First are highly trained psychotherapists, who work together on a collaborative basis to meet the needs of individuals.

Anger weakens the liver, grief weakens the lungs, Fear weakens the kidneys, worry weakens the stomach, stress weakens the heart & brain.

Mind First

Mind First have expertise in the following areas: 

 Anger management
 Eating disorders
 Issues stemming from physical or sexual abuse & domestic violence
 Adoption & fostering support
 Dealing with major illness
 Gender & identity issues
 Low self-esteem
 Secondary difficulties relating to disabilities
 Relationship difficulties
 Mental health problems
 Divorce & separation
 Relationship & attachment issues
 Work-life stresses
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